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     Welcome to  Have you ever seen a quote and wondered who said it and when and where they said it?  Well, having an actual source to  validate a quote gives it more credibility. is a website dedicated to finding the best quotes with their original sources, so the people that said them can  get the credit instead of someone the quote was just attributed to.  It is a great tool for writers, students, and anyone who loves and uses quotes. 

     It doesn't matter what kind of quote your looking for, whether it be  famous quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, political quotes, or whether it be sayings about life, love, death or courage, money or hope it doesn't matter, we have it all. 

     We want to keep things simple, so to view a quote simply browse by topic or author, or if you think you know a quote just begin a realtime search through our entire database of quotes using the search bar.  You can also save your favorite quotes and submit quotes that you would like to see on our site.  You can also check out our recently added book store that allows you to purchase titles that may include material you are looking for.  Sourcedquotes Amazon store 

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